Haymarket Financial MediaWomen in Treasury | 17 March 2015, Singapore


  • Karin Flinspach

  • Global Head of Cash Products
  • Standard Chartered
Karin Flinspach
Global Head of Cash Products
Standard Chartered
Karin is the Head Of Cash Products for Standard Chartered Bank based in Singapore where she is responsible for the development of cash capabilities for a large corporate and investor and intermediaries base globally. The cash product suite includes payments and receivables as well as liquidity management tools.

With capabilities in over 45 countries, Karin and her team are designing efficient and automated solutions that will allow corporations to optimise their working capital across multiple countries, thus creating operational efficiencies.

Prior to joining Standard Chartered Bank, Karin worked with Citi for 20 years and has held a variety of cash management product roles in developed and developing markets. Most recently, she had responsibility for leading the payments and receivables business for Citi in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Karin graduated in Business Administration and holds a bachelors degree from “Ecole Superieure de Commerce” in Reims, France as well as “Fachhochschule fuer Wirtschaft und Technik” in Reutlingen, Germany.

During her long tenure in Europe, Karin positioned herself as a key authority on SEPA (Single European Payments Area), publishing a large number of articles on the bank process infrastructure in Europe.